Overcoming anxiety by understanding anger

anxietyAnger is a very strong emotion that may have serious effects on our health. A study conducted by experts from Concordia University shows that millions of individuals across the globe suffer from GAD or Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

Earlier studies were not able to clearly establish the connection between anger and anxiety even when irritability, a form of anger, is among the diagnostic factor for anxiety.

GAD is a serious condition that is characterized by uncontrollable and excessive worry about things we deal with on daily basis. The anxiety interferes with your ability to function the way you should function. People who suffer from GAD anticipate disaster and are overly concerned with issues on relationships, money, or health.

The experts look into the different components of anger and how they play a role in anxiety. They examined anger control, anger expression, verbal aggression, physical aggression, and hostility. The proponents assessed over 380 participants for GAD and their tendency to react to anger triggering scenarios.

Around 131 of the subjects had symptoms of GAD, heightened level of anger, and different dimensions that maybe linked with anxiety and worry. Their GAD symptoms were made more severe by internalized anger and hostility.

The finding suggests that anxiety goes hand in hand with anger with increased level of the strong emotion linked uniquely to the status of the GAD. Internalized anger is a very good and strong predictor of anxiety.

The proponents of the study also suggest that the treatment of anxiety should also address the anger symptoms in order for the treatment to be effective.


Winter-proof your regular run

It may be cold outside but this does not mean that you will be contented running on your old reliable treadmill. There are certain benefits exercising while breathing some fresh air. In a cold weather, you just need how to avoid having mishaps. Below are some tips when running in winter:

Do not overdo the layering

You are not running on the polar ice caps. You need to layer your clothes but you don’t have to overdo it. You need tor remember that your body will be warmer when you run so you can dress as if it is a few degrees hotter.

Go for nylon

Cotton traps moisture in and you want to avoid that since this will draw the heat from your body. Start you layering with some sweat-wicking cloth. You can rely on running tights to keep your lowers warm but you may need to use a pair with fleece lining when he weather gets colder.

woman-running-snowDon a windproof zippered jacket. You can add another layer in the middle if it is really cold outside. Of course, do not forget the gloves, and the hat.

Warm up

Before you head out, it is best to warm up so your muscles will be warmer and ready to exercise in the cold environment. Warming up will lubricate the joints and allow better blood flow in the body so you can move more efficiently and burn calories.

Shorten your stride

You need to be careful when running outside during winter. Surfaces will be slick and slippery. The surface will be somehow similar to dirt or grass running.


The winter brings drier air. This may lead to faster dehydration of the body. Make sure you drink up!


The top jobs for your health

health-exerciseEvery job differs from one another. One job will expose you to certain amounts of stress while others actually benefit your health. Here are some of the best professions today that will benefit your health:

Fitness Instructor

It makes sense that any job that has something to do with exercising will be among the healthiest jobs. This is similar to professions like being a professional trainer, running coach, choreographer, or yoga instructor. These jobs opens opportunities for creativity, schedule flexibility, and interaction with other people.

Software Engineer

It might sound weird that this job is on our list since it entails long hours sitting in front of the computer. Being a software engineer is among the healthiest because of the work environment it usually provides. Companies who hire software engineers are often the firms which offer great benefits, compensation package, and personal growth. The most important factor is happiness at the workplace leading to a better life.


Exposure to flowers and plants everyday help decrease the level of stress. It also helps lower your blood pressure. This benefits probably is also true for landscape artists, gardeners, and horticulturists. Some drawbacks though include carpal tunnel syndrome and back pain due to the nature of the job.

Insurance workers

The level of stress and risks of unemployment are very low for insurance workers. If you work for insurance firms you will also have a leg up in terms of health insurance or other coverages.

Government employees

City, state, and federal workers have an excellent benefit package compared to individuals working in private firms. They also have a good amount of vacation time and holidays off.

Employee of a small business

Big companies may have a lot of perks and good opportunities for career advancements but the workplace maybe uninspiring and impersonal. Some people will find it more fulfilling to work for a small local business. Studies also show that there is a lower incidence of diabetes and obesity for workers of small businesses.

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Health Tips: Boosting your energy while at work

tired-womanEight hours sitting behind a desk may not be tiring physically but it can be very exhausting. Through the day, your muscles will be tired and you become exhausted and fatigued. Certain habits in the office, like when your all day in front of the computer, might drain your energy. Here are some useful tips to get some energy boost while dealing with all that workload in the office:

Take micro-breaks

When you use your keyboard and mouse for hours and hours, you tense your muscles without you knowing it. The tension builds up and fatigues the entire body. You need to ease up and relax those muscles. Take micro-breaks like for two seconds put your tired hands on your lap and also try to drop your hands, arms, and shoulders. You can also relax your abdominals which may also be a bit tight.

Deep breaths

As you tire your muscles when you do fine motor work in front of the computer, you might also be breathing shallowly. Instead of shallower breaths, make a conscious effort to take deep breaths using your diaphragm from time to time. Deep breathing also helps to relax those tensed muscles.

Walk instead of coffee breaks

If in the afternoon you feel drained, instead of a soda or a mug of coffee, try to walk around for a few minutes. Exercise will give you that extra energy and also get rid of some tight muscles. A small, low-fat snack after your walk will also boost your energy.

Protein breakfast

Instead of having cereals, muffins, or bagels which will stuff your system with carbohydrates, go for it with some protein. So get some cream cheese with that bagel, peanut butter for that toast, yogurt, or a breakfast bar high in protein. The energy from carbohydrates ran out faster so better complement it with the proteins which last longer.

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Lose weight wisely: Tricks to shed off those extra pounds

Losing-Weight-FastYou might have read quick weight loss tips which somehow trim off some weight but losing more weight for the long-term can be a bit trickier. You will get those curves or maybe that much sought after sick pack abs with healthy diet, steady changes in your eating habits, and a good exercise regimen. Remember though that dieting should not be boring at all. It should not mean that you will not be eating anything or only eating things that you can barely swallow. Here are some tried and tested weight loss tips:

Numbers on ingredients? Drop it!

If you are trying to be healthy and check out the labels of your food items, anything that has a lot of numbers on the list of ingredients should not end up in your grocery basket. These foods are convenience foods which has a good amount of preservatives and fat.

Salad alone is not good enough

The green leafy mix in that salad bowl is great for you but dieticians recommend that you eat it with something else like sandwich or a bowl of soup. The veggies coming into your system without any carbohydrate will not pull down the level of the hunger hormone called ghrelin which basically tips your brain to eat more. So when you get a serving of salad, get a bread, some fruits, grains, or some pasta to go with it.

Get enough sleep

If you sleep less than 5 hours a night, you are 73% more at risk of being obese. Get enough sleep and you will trim the odds of gaining more weight than usual down to 27%. So getting that pillow time is an essential part of losing those extra pounds. The body also releases less hunger hormone when you have had enough sleep. Some experts even say that you may want to get that 5 to 7 hours of shuteye rather than lack sleep and go to the gym.

Workout before breakfast

Experts say that doing an aerobic workout before breakfast is the best way to burn off the fats as your insulin is at its lowest. For the rest of the day, the insulin level of your body will be elevated and somehow that protects the fats since they will not be tapped when you exert some energy during exercise.

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Rules to follow if you want to eat right

dietThere is really no secret when it comes to keeping a healthy diet. There is no list of magic spells and mysteries but simple things that you can do starting with the following:

Have smaller plates

If you have already trimmed down or planning to lose weight, one good way to help your body is by getting smaller dishware. Smaller plates lead to smaller calorie intake.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Ideally you need to make half of your everyday meal fruits and veggies. Let’s say for breakfast, fill your bowl with cereals until half and top it off with berries and banana. During lunch get half a sandwich plus two kinds of fruits. At dinner, make sure half of your intake are veggies.

Avoid eating on the run

If you love eating on the run during hectic days, most likely you will be settling for fast food. The usual burger and fries combo gives you a bit short to 1,000 calories. You will tend to over eat as your brain thinks of it as a snack.

Shorter recipes are better

The lesser the ingredients, the better. When you deal with longer ingredients list means more salt, artificial flavors, and more sugar. It might mean more unhealthy stuff in the food. Simpler one ingredient deals like broccoli, blueberries, or spinach always gets a green light.

Healthy food should not mean expensive food

The smart choices from the supermarket do not differ much from all the usual junk foods that fill up the grocery cart.

Eat with your family

Make meal time as a holy hour for the family where everyone sits around the dining table. You will have more control and avoid overeating when you are with everyone. You are what you eat so make the wises decision for a healthy body and a good life ahead.

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3 Great Healthy Snacks

A-lot of times people get hungry between meals and want to grab a snack. There is nothing wrong with snacking as long as one is eating something healthy. Our cravings are what drive us to pick out the wrong foods, but there are just as many healthy snacks as there is unhealthy snacks. Three 3 great healthy snacks are: pretzels, celery and peanut butter and vegetables chips. In the subsequent paragraph, each one will be discussed, respectively.

Celery DetailSometimes, we crave things that are salty. Many of the snacks that are high in salt are also high in fat and calories. Generally speaking, those type of snacks should be avoided as much as possible. Pretzels are a healthy replacement snack. They are low in fat and calories and will satisfy any salt craving that one is having. All of us have suffered from the case of the sweet tooth. When one has a sweet tooth, there is temptation to run to the store and buy a pack of cookies or cupcakes. Those things are not only high in sugar, but high in fat and calories. Instead, one should try celery and dip it in peanut butter. The celery is high in the fiber that the body needs and the peanut butter can satisfy those sugar cravings that we all get from time to time.

Many of us like to eat potato chips and they are not the healthiest choice for a snack. If one absolutely has to have chips, he or she should try vegetable chips. They are made from real vegetables and are filled with the nutrients that the body needs. There are many different brands of vegetable chips and they all average around 130 calories per bag, which is must less than the average bag of potato chips.

When one gets the urge to snack, he or she should try one of the above delicious and nutritious foods.

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Eating Heathy: Pasta Salads for picnics or for day to day dining

Eating healthy does not mean not eating yummy. We browsed the internet for some pasta salads which are perfect for your waist, really rich in flavors, and perfect for the summer.

Here are our suggestions:

White and Green Pasta Salad

p63 white and green pasta salad

How about a great pasta dish for just 200 calories? The secret is not really in the color of the pasta ut in the combo of cottage cheese, pesto, and a pack of sour cream that is fat free. Add the green peas and you will have about half of your daily dose of Vitamin K responsible for your healthy bones. If you want some protein boosts, toss in some grilled chicken or some shrimp.

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Some Picturesque Healing Spices You Have In Your Kitchen: 2

ginger-root1Now that we have touched on one particular herb that you might use in your everyday cooking, let’s go ahead and touch on another herb that a lot of people eat but might not know that it can actually help a number of things – that is ginger.  Ginger is a fantastic herb whenever you are having stomach problems, as it has a lot of healing properties for your stomach.

Another thing that ginger is known for is that it is actually a powerful antioxidant that is capable of banishing all kinds of free radicals and I can promise that whenever you add in ginger to your diet, you are going to be healthier.

The reason is because it can also regulate blood flow, relieve a lot of pain as well as lower blood pressure.

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Some Picturesque Healing Spices You Have In Your Kitchen: 1

Gelbwurz / CurryTurmeric is an herb that is often overlooked as a healing herb by many, many people.  Turmeric is actually an herb that has been around for quite some time now and I can tell you for certain that there are a lot of properties in this little orange herb that can be extremely useful.

For one, Turmeric is actually a very, very powerful anti-inflammatory and it is a fantastic choice for people who are suffering from auto-immune conditions as well as tendonitis and arthritis.

Turmeric is also great for people who have colon cancer as well as Alzheimer’s disease.  More herbs in the next blog!

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